Pilot for an Ammonia powered oil tanker

Breeze Ship Design is committed by our Vision and Strategy to accelerate sustainable solutions in naval architecture. It’s our common responsibility to take part in the world’s needed change towards renewable energy solutions in shipping, and to identify untapped potential together with clients and partners. Currently we are engaged in several projects for the development of low- or zero emission vessels within the fishery, wind & energy, and coastal- and deep-sea shipping sectors.

We strongly believe in collaboration and have joined industry collaborations such as Green Shipping Program and NCE Marine Cleantech.

Together with partners such as Equinor, DNV, Yara, Grieg and Altera Infrastructure, Breeze Ship Design will take part in a Pilot for an Ammonia powered oil tanker (Aframax – 110K DWT) as part of the Green Shipping Program. The vessel used as basis for this pilot is a Breeze design. Breeze Ship Design will take responsibilities in the work package for ship integration of the ammonia fuel and bunkering systems, as well as machinery and propulsion system.

Main objectives of the pilot project are:

  • Investigate the technical and economic applicability of ammonia engines, fuel and bunkering systems on a generic tanker design.
  • Understand operational safety aspects and competence requirements.
  • Solve security challenges in the design and identify barriers.
  • The ultimate goal of the pilot is to enable an Equinor chartered tanker powered by ammonia.