Breeze Ship Design is an independent Norwegian ship design company – focused on accelerating sustainable solutions and realising untapped ideas. Our team of 50 naval architecture specialists in Norway and Bulgaria embodies years of experience, cutting-edge expertise, dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm. Together we share a proven track record for innovation across a wide range of vessel types.

Mission: To accelerate sustainable solutions in naval architecture. 
Vision: Be recognized as an innovative naval architect realizing your untapped ideas.

Young company – strong legacy

Established in 2020, we are a relatively young company. Still, Breeze Ship Design represents a unique and strong ship design legacy. Many of our people have decades of experience from internationally renowned ship design environments like Vik-Sandvik, Wärtsilä Ship Design and Skipskonsulent. Others in our team bring years of insights from the customer side of shipping.

To top it all off, Breeze Ship Design has access to the world’s most extensive design portfolio, providing knowledge and data from more than 4,000 vessels built worldwide.  These include some of the most environmentally advanced ships sailing today.

Preferred partner for green solutions

The combination of expertise, design experience and a vast database has made us a frontrunner in the race towards zero-emission shipping. We have already been selected as design partner for a range of ground-breaking projects involving implementation of clean alternative fuels like ammonia and ethanol on actual ships, as well as development of CO2 for carbon capture and storage. Our knowledge is even sought on land, making us structural designer for the entire fuel system of Sustainable Energy’s unique future fuel test facility at Stord, Norway.

Independent tailoring

Our design philosophy could be described as tailoring based on an analytic approach. This means that we always strive towards creating the optimum vessel according to a shipowner’s specific needs and operations. With our analytic approach, we show him the pros and cons of different options, enabling him to make the choice. Such considerations are especially important in today’s ongoing energy transition, with new and cleaner fuel technologies emerging, as the power and propulsion choices made today can be decisive for your vessel’s future attractiveness in the market and her ability to meet increasingly strict emission requirements.

Being independent, our sole interest is to help our clients with the best possible solutions to their operational needs. Without ties to yards or equipment manufacturers, we can offer our advice purely on the basis what will serve our clients’ interests and requirements. This does not only include the choices made in the design process, but we can also contribute advice and recommendations in our clients’ negotiations with shipyards and equipment suppliers. In addition, we often see that our input and requests trigger equipment suppliers to speed up the pace of their innovation – which again benefits our clients’ quest for the newest and best available technology.