Our service solutions

Our experienced design team offers you a complete range of design and engineering services, from feasibility and concept studies to complete design documentation and support to ships already in operation.

Initial design

With our conceptual or initial design services we assist you in finding the best vessel solution – offering support in analysing the advantages and disadvantages of different options. The detail level of initial design suitable to bid tendering to yards and to allow sub-contractors to quote equipment.

Technical documentation

  • Outline specification

Drawings (2D and 3D)

  • General arrangement
  • Tank plan
  • 3D presentation
  • Hull lines

Hydrostatic calculations

  • Intact and damage preliminary stability booklet

Hydrodynamic and model tests

  • Speed and power
  • Sea keeping
  • Station keeping capability (DP)
  • DPCAP calculation L2
  • CFD analysis (in-house service)

Other calculations / analysis

  • Lightship weight
  • Electrical load balance

Basic design

After contract signing, we dive into the basic design phase – creating the key plans and main documents needed for approval from the classification societies. These mainly consist of Autocad drawings.

Structural drawings

  • Profile and plan
  • Main sections
  • Shell expansion
  • Main foundations

Arrangement drawings

  • Internal and external arrangement
  • Antenna arrangement
  • Freeboard plan
  • Fields of vision
  • Insulation plan
  • Other system arrangements

Vessel system layouts

  • Cooling system
  • Cargo systems
  • Electrical system
  • HVAC system
  • Other system diagrams

Final documentation

  • Inclining test
  • Intact and damage final stability check
  • Manuals

Detail design

During the detail design phase, the vessel is progressively developed with the addition of details. This includes the preparation of production information.

3D modelling

Piping and machinery

  • Isometrics
  • Coordination drawings
  • Penetration drawings
  • Installation drawings

Steel structure

  • Foundations
  • Block and section plan

Detailed drawings

  • Cable diagrams
  • Outfitting drawings
  • Steel details

Modifications & upgrades

To vessels already in operation, we offer flexible design and engineering services for the entire life cycle. Whether we are talking simple modifications, retrofits, or complete vessel conversions, we scale our project scope accordingly.


  • Hybrids and clean alternative fuels
  • Lengthening
  • Widening for capacity increase
  • Integration of new equipment
  • Upgrades of propulsion and machinery systems
  • Shipyard design support

Our design services can be complemented by hydrodynamic engineering services, including computational fluid dynamics calculations (CFD), seakeeping calculations, DP-related calculations, and propulsion system optimisation.

Additional engineering services

Preliminary planning & advice

  • Reviewing charter tender requirements with shipowner
  • Evaluating implications on the current design for defining our scope of work.

Feasibility study & precontractual phase

  • Conceptual/preliminary design engineering
  • Evaluation of commercial and technical advantages/disadvantages of different options
  • Preliminary specification/documentation for charter tendering

Tender documentation for shipyards

  • Tender-grade initial design
  • Preparing technical specifications
  • Preparing documentation for tendering
  • Assistance in defining scope of work

Procurement documentation

  • Preparing technical specifications for purchasing

Construction support & plan approval

  • Detail design (if applicable)
  • Reviewing third party documentation
  • Plan approval, validation of basic and detail design, as well as the production drawings
  • Mid-life inclining /DWT tests
  • Technical service and superintendent assistance